Be 18+ years old

According to the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), all Canadian pilgrims must be at least 18 years old to participate internationally.

Good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Ready to be involved pilgrimage preparation (accompaniment, fundraising, meetings, etc.)

Respect the directives given by group leaders and Mission Jeunesse.

Aptitudes & qualities

  • Spirit of unity
  • Patience
  • Openness to others
  • Joyful
  • Independent
  • Mature
  • Active presence
  • Spirit of humility, faith and service
  • Good listener


  • Participate in my own group’s meetings and activities
  • Participate in diocesan activities
  • Complete my own registration form & submit it with required payments, respecting diocesan time limits.
  • Be responsible for ensuring my own mental, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual preparation
  • Be aware that during the pilgrimage they am responsible for their pastoral conduct as a disciple, just as they are for their legal conduct as a citizen. They represent themselves, their families, their communities, their Church and their country.
  • Participate in fundraising activities organized by the group

For exceptional cases

Pilgrims with special needs

Pilgrims with special needs have the responsibility to find their own care-taker and to be sure that this person is capable of accompanying them in the context of WYD.

Please note that at WYD, it is not unusual for pilgrims to be separated for accommodations according to their gender. It is therefore strongly recommended that care-takers be of the same gender as the pilgrims with special needs that they are accompanying. It is the responsibility of each group to accept, or not, the pilgrims and their care-takers in their group. Youth Ministry will not be providing care-takers for pilgrims with special needs.

A pilgrim with special needs is responsible for providing the necessary resources to address those needs (medications, food, wheel chair, special bed, etc.) They are also responsible for additional luggage costs.

Pilgrims who are not Canadian citizens

The pilgrim who is not a Canadian citizen must have all necessary travel documents. The pilgrim must take the necessary steps to obtain these documents as well as travel VISAs. Pilgrims must ensure the validity of his/her registration for this International World Youth Day.

This is in no way the role of the group leader or Mission Jeunesse.