Step 2:

Individual Registration

How to register?

Please read the registration procedure carefully before proceeding.

Questions ?

Visit the FAQ page

Required elements:

The confirmation email from the group registration (received by the group leader) containing:
  • The unique group code
  • Group leader’s valid email address
  • Guidelines for individual registration
The first payment of $750 (non-refundable) paid electronically at the moment of registration
Copy of passport – photo page legible
  • JPG or PDF (max. 400KB)
  • Name of file: groupcode_firstname_lastname_passeport.jpg

ex: F1001F_Joseph_St-Jean_passeport.jpg

Individual photo

  • JPG or PNG (max. 400KB)
  • Name of file: groupcode_firstname_lastname_photo.jpg

ex: F1001F_Joseph_St-Jean_photo.jpg

Other documentation for the following cases:
Proof of individual insurance, only for those wishing to be exempted from the included travel insurance.
  • JPG or PNG (max. 400KB)
  • Name of file: groupcode_firstname_lastname_insurance.jpg

ex: F1001F_Joseph_St-Jean_insurance.jpg

Prices of packages:


*Prices are based on a minimum of 40 pilgrims. Prices do not currently include registration fees for the WYD Lisboa 2023, which are not currently availble (as of 22/09/14). Please expect an additional ~can$ 400-800 (varies by package).