Important notice: Your registration for the WYD 2023 Lisbon involves an agreement between you and those who provide the services. Please read all the information on this page since it sets out the conditions covering the travel and other services offered.  


Upon registration, a minimum non-refundable deposit of $750 is required.The tour operator reserves the right to cancel your booking if payments are late and to charge the cancellation fees outlined below.  

If you registered before September 15 2022, , please abide by the following payment schedule:  


Deposit  Deadline  F1  F2  F3  F4  F5  F6  SVF1B  SVF2B 
1st *  Within 2 weeks after the group registration 



2nd  11 Nov 2022  $400  $450  $1000  $1000  $900  $900     
3rd  13 Jan 2023  $400  $450  $1000  $900  $800  $800     
4th  24 Fev 2023  $400  $400  $1000  $900  $800  $800     
Last  7 April 2023  Balance 




If you intend to cancel, Please notify your group leader immediately. There is a cancellation form to fill out. Cancellations will only be considered final once the form has been completed by the person intending to cancel their registration. Cancellation charges will apply based on the date when Spiritours receives notice of cancellation from Mission Jeunesse: 

Up to 90 days prior to departure:  $750 penalty 
90 to 60 days prior to departure: 50% penalty
Less than 60 days from departure: 100% non-refundable 

Change of pilgrim name:

$100 fee for any change of the passenger’s name. Less than 60 days prior to departure, any change will be considered as a cancellation and the fees mentioned above will apply. The pilgrim cancelling his registration must fill out the cancellation form. 


All extension requests must be received no later than March 1st, 2023 at the Diocese of Montreal. We don’t offer the possibility to depart from another Australian city, neither the possibility of an anticipated departure (extension before the stay). Please note that there will be an extra charge of 150$/person* for all extension request, including taxes and service fees. (* If the extra fee is higher, we will advise you and you will have the possibility to withdraw). The extension request form must be filled out by the group leader. The place of departure must be the same as the rest of the group. Airline fees may vary depending on the desired return date. 

Spiritours reserves the right to cancel a trip if the number of participants is not reached by the registration deadline, a full refund will be the final settlement to the passenger. Spiritours also reserves the right to change the dates of the trip or the airline if necessary. If for reasons of force majeure the trip must be suspended by Spiritours, the latter reserves the right to cancel, but will not be responsible for non-refundable sums already paid to suppliers. Spiritours shall not be obliged to intervene in the event of difficulties between the authorities of a country and a member of the group who does not comply with the laws, customs, regulations and traditions of the host country. 


As a participant of WYD with Spiritours, you have a full insurance coverage with Blue Cross (medical, trip cancellation and luggage) included in your package, except for package SVF1B and SVF2B. It is the client’s responsibility to review their insurance contract to understand the nature of the coverage, the risks insured, the exclusions, limitations and reductions in coverage, and the cancellation procedures of the aforementioned insurance. insurance contract to understand the nature of the coverage, the risks insured, the exclusions, limitations and reductions in coverage, and the cancellation procedures of the aforementioned insurance. 


Except where otherwise noted, all prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices are subject to change up to 30 days prior to the departure date in the event of an increase in the price of fuel imposed by the carrier or an increase in the exchange rate by more than 5% since the date of publication of the travel price. If the travel price change is equal to or greater than 7% of the original price, you can ask to be refunded or exchange your trip for another, similar. The prices shown include the FICAV contribution of $ 3.50 per $ 1,000 of the purchased tourism product or service. All prices are base on the exchange rate of the US dollar as of June 1st 2022.


Canadians travelling to Portugal must have a Canadian passport that is valid for at least 3 months from the date of your expected departure from Portugal. Passengers that do not have their Canadian citizenship must contact the Portuguese authorities on entry and exit requirements. It is the traveler’s responsibility to find out about the entry and exit requirements of the country they plan to visit. In the event that the passenger does not possess the documentation required, the authorities reserve the right to refuse passage. Customs officials may ask you to show them a return ticket, and proof of travel/ medical insurance.  Travel advice and advisories for Portugal (travel.gc.ca) 


All flight times, flight itineraries and carriers are subject to change with or without prior notice. We recommend that you contact the airline within 24 hours of departure to confirm your departure time. Flight check-in opens three hours before and closes 60 minutes prior to departure. The Tour Operator recommends that you check-in 3 hours prior to departure. The tour operator cannot be held responsible if you miss your flight or are denied boarding. 


Each person is entitled to one normal sized piece of checked luggage. Weight restrictions normally 23kg per person.  We will advise you at least 30 days prior to departure of the exact restrictions of the airline. 


The passenger agrees to comply with any reasonable instructions issued by the Tour Operator or its representative relating to the tour. In the case a passenger has a detrimental behaviour towards other passengers or the suppliers and who persists in his behaviour despite a formal notice from the supplier or one of his representatives, the passenger will be expelled from the group and will have to assume all extra fees related to his behaviour such as lodging, food and transportation.  


Spiritours cannot be held responsible for any acts, oversights, errors or occurrences, losses, damages or accidents during the trip, as well as delays or cancellations due to a transportation company. Spiritours cannot be held responsible for any damage suffered by the traveler for illness, injury, loss, inconvenience or anxiety. Spiritours also disclaims all liability for any damages resulting from governmental action, political unrest, strikes, acts of God. Spiritours will not make any refunds under any circumstances for early return or uncompleted portions of a tour, nor for services not used by travelers. The liability of Spiritours arising from the failure to provide any service or benefit described herein is limited to the cost of such service or benefit.



During preparation events heading up to World Youth Days, during WYD and post-WYD, the pilgrim is aware that the Youth Ministry team may take pictures and videos of participants and will use them for promotional or communication purposes only (posters, videos, communications, etc.)  Pictures will not be used in any way for commercial purposes.


Please note that each modification requested following the online group or individual registration will incur a $100 fee.


It is the pilgrim’s responsibility to ensure that the name on their registration is exactly as written in their passport, to avoid any situations while travelling. Please note that each modification requested following the online group or individual registration will incur a $100 fee, even if MJ-Youth Ministry is the one that notices the discrepancy.


Each pilgrim as well as each young adult leader is expected to respect all rules set forth by the international WYD organization as well as the country in which it will be held.  The appropriate attitude of respect begins right at the start of the pilgrimage preparation. Any participant who jeopardizes or puts the group in danger will not be permitted to participate in the pilgrimage. It is therefore imperative that each pilgrim be aware of and put into practice, certain disciplinary rules to assure proper order, from the beginning as well as during WYD in the host country:

Extreme, disturbing or violent behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at any time.

We reserve the right to refuse or expel any candidate if there is any lapse in acceptable behaviour, based on the rules laid out in the code of conduct or the law as described below:

If he/she is a suspect or found guilty of any legal infraction.

If he/she commits any major offense (consumption of illegal drugs, consumption of alcohol, aggression, theft, grievous disturbance, as well as any criminal activity).

For minor infractions, expulsion will occur following warning number 3  (Minor infraction include : Not respecting the directives of the international WYD organization, partial or total absence from WYD activities, language or behaviour that negatively affects the positive experience of the pilgrimage, lack of collaboration by the pilgrim, etc.)

In case of expulsion, the pilgrim will be sent back to Montreal immediately, at his/her own costs. If the pilgrim being expulsed is a minor or a pilgrim with special needs his/her legal tutor or assistant will also be sent back to Montreal at their own costs.

Know that the law will be applied rigorously throughout our pilgrimage, and so pilgrims are encouraged to respect the rules and directives.


The first payment is used to secure a spot for the pilgrim on the airplane. Therefore, this deposit of $750 is NON-REFUNDABLE. NO EXCEPTIONS.

First deposit is non-refundable but in extreme circumstances, it can be TRANSFERABLE so that another pilgrim can take the spot that has been paid.  The exchange of money is done by the pilgrim who is cancelling and the new person taken his or her place. Every transfer will cost an additional $100.

Once the name of pilgrim has been given to airline company and accommodation sites, the decision to cancel should be made with caution, as there is a penalty to be paid to the companies for a change of name at the responsibility of the pilgrim who is canceling. ( Please see Spiritours Conditions)

The Youth Ministry office takes no responsibility in the change of names. It is the pilgrim’s responsibility to ensure that the name and all information are correctly written as written on passport.


All packages (except SVF1B and SVF2B) include basic insurance (0-35 y.o). The price of insurance varies according to the age of the pilgrim on the day of the registration

To be exempted from the cost of the insurances, pilgrims must provide to Mission Jeunesse – Youth Ministry Office a proof of insurance (a photocopy of the insurance policy.) The description of the insurance is not sufficient to the Youth Ministry’s office.

****If you do not check off any box and/or do not submit any proof of insurance, the Youth Ministry office will understand this to be that you will take the insurance as indicated in the package. NO CREDIT will be accorded. No modifications accepted once you have submitted your registration form.


All deposits and payments are made by credit card .

No payments in cash will be accepted

Registrations without the first non-refundable payment of $750+insurance will NOT be accepted

MJ– Youth Ministry strongly recommends that the first non-refundable deposit be the responsibility of the pilgrim that wishes to participate in the WYD. We live in a world where circumstances and plans can change in an instant, and it is therefore necessary to promote commitment and protect your own personal investments. By inviting the pilgrims to pay for their own initial deposit, you are instilling a sense of responsibility and commitment from their part.