Mission Jeunesse is negotiating with a telecommunications company in Portugal to offer the option of purchasing SIM cards for those who request them.

All prices are in Canadian dollars.

Deadline to place your order: JUNE 15,  2023. 

  • Please note that once an order is placed, we cannot accept any changes or modifications.
  • All orders are final, without exchange or refund.
  • To use the SIM card, it is the user’s responsibility to provide their own unlocked mobile device.
  • SIM cards will be distributed as soon as possible once in Portugal. For logistical reasons, at the airport and during the transfers to the different accommodation places, there will be no time to buy SIM cards. The delegation will NOT have time to wait for pilgrims who intend to buy a SIM card at the airport. At Lisbon airport there is only one SIM card provider, VODAFONE, and it is likely to be very busy and the waiting time far too long.
  • Please note that the call, text and data service is provided by the telecommunications company, not by Mission Jeunesse. If you need assistance, you must call the telecommunications company. Mission Jeunesse Montreal cannot be held responsible if the internet or calling service does not work on site or if your device is not compatible with the SIM card.